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  1. Assassin’s Creed® Chronicles: China
  2. Giveaway - Kimmy (Steam)

    Assassin’s Creed® Chronicles: China
  3. Giveaway Rules & Regulations

    Giveaway Rules & Regulations Before you submit a giveaway for the public keep in mind of the following rules. Giveaways are classified as a form of donation You may NOT refund the product once the giveaway has ended for ANY reasons. You may NOT trade, charge or require people to do you any form of favors, requirements etc to receive the giveaway. You may use gleam.io as a giveaway service, any other external giveaway services of software may NOT be used. Any gleam ways to enter may be used, however, they may NOT be used to attract people to other communities, ways to make money for personal gain, it may be used for such advertisements as twitch, youtube, facebook, instagram as long as their personal and not for communities, companies, etc. * Embedding gleam widget information can be found below. Once the giveaway has ended you as the Author have 7 days to deliver the product to the winner, failing to do so will be classified as fraud. Before you enter a giveaway please read through these guidelines. If you should win the giveaway that you've entered You may NOT sell or refund the product received from the giveaway. You may NOT give away the product to a friend, family or anyone else. If you should have a problem with a giveaway please try and resolve the issue with the giveaway author, if he or she can't resolve it or doesn't answer your private messages please submit a support ticket and one of our staff members will handle support case, anyone failing to follow these guidelines will result in a removal from this community.
  4. ETS2MP Trolls

    You know, just a normal day when everyone on Everest decides to go into Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer...
  5. 123B3n's Portfolio

    Original vs edited one
  6. Sorry for the slow updates, been taking the weekend off the development progress. The main reason it's taking me somewhat longer time than the rest of the pages is because I'm currently working on the profile page and it's linked to so many different datatables and fetching data all over the database, I mean that was a bit overkill but yea it reads and grabs so much data so for me make a fast enough load time without loosing data and executing to many queries I've been sitting here day in and day out from Monday pretty much optimizing the page load and queries. Don't worry it's not taking for ever to load the data, it's surprisingly faster than I expected, you can see the results here: https://tools.pingdom.com/#!/VCeqD/http://dev.everest-community.net/central/profile/123B3n Now after I optimized all the queries I've been setting up the award system, mainly the awards themselves. Currently we have 13 awards on the panel, each award contains a ribbon and a couple of them contains an actual medal. Once you've received an award you will be able to mark that award as a favorite one in which it will be displayed on your user profile just under your profile picture. By default the server will assign the first 6 awards given to you as favorites, however, you can remove them if you want manually. Here is a list of the awards, please note that these awards is not the final product, I just set them up in a json format and decoded them to see how the output for the data actually looked like, the list showed in the page will be a list for admins to see all the awards available on the website, the awards given to you as a player will be displayed on your profile page and not like it is right now.
  7. Website released: https://11th-meu.org -------------------------------------------------- I was recently approached about opening the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit again, but I'm not sure as the interest seems to be floating up and down, anyway since I've been so bored lately I somehow ended up re-doing the entire website for the clan and I'm currently about half way done with it. Let me know what you think about it. You can click on the images to enhance them, otherwise you can see my full album here: https://ibb.co/album/ihkwWF Current Development Tracker all data being tracker here is updated every 24 hours, please note that data can be added or removed along the process
  8. When you're to drunk

    Man I did the exact same especially in the titanic part about rose not letting jack up on the door
  9. When you're to drunk

    The ending though
  10. Hello everyone, after a long period, we've finally got everything working, the long-awaited period for the server to have been caused by lack of founds. The main reason for that is because of all premium add-ons that we needed in-game for the server to function properly. However, we've finally got everything needed for the server to work properly and we've tested the server for weeks while tweaked as much as possible to make it even better. Anyhow, today we're ready to open the server to the public. Today 10/27/2017 at 5:00 PM GMT+1 we are opening the server to the public, we hope to see you all there as much as we hope to see new faces around the community.