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  1. Hello everyone, Yesterday I spoke to @Cyberdog about the Garry's Mod server, as of right now we've managed to get hold of an Project Leader for the server. Some of you may already know him, some may not. Welcome @Fedoramaster™ & congratulations to the role. If you have any questions for him, send him a PM or make a reply to this topic and he'll do his best answering those question. Future more, everything so far is going to plan. @Cyberdog just purchased the last premium addons needed for the server. These addons should be the last in order to get the server up and running.
  2. Hello everyone, First, of I'd like to start by apologizing for being inactive and not keeping all of you updated. So what's been going on, why this big inactivity you may ask. Simply I 123B3n had to take a leave of absence due to personal reasons. I am still not back to a 100% however, I'm here as much as I can which would probably be around 75% of my usual schedule. * Here is a quick overview of what's going on. What happened to the Los Santos: Roleplay Server (MTA) Garry's Mod server launch What's planned for the future?
  3. First of I'd like to state the obvious, this is an early stage skin, I'm not nearly done with it yet. Got the inspiration from "Mad Mike" RX7 design. This is what I've managed to get in-game so far, as I stated it's not near to be finished. Let me know what you think
  4. 123B3n's IRL Albums

    In this album, I'll be adding pictures from my life, it can be vacation photos, any photos I'd like to share with the community.
  5. mta-screen_2015-04-03_16-07-44.png

    Oh god, the raid we did right there...
  6. mta-screen_2015-04-04_23-30-33.png

    Back in the old days!
  7. Alright, Here we go again with yet an other vote for the community. Currently, we've stated that we would rebuild our premium system on our server, adding a VIP system which is a monthly subscription system. Now my question what does the community think about it? Should we keep and just revamp the current premium system, or should we add the VIP system which is a monthly subscription? What's included in the current premium system? The following items can be purchased in-game with the premium currency Toggle-able adverts Toggle-able news alerts + $25 dollar pay rise on payday + $75 dollar pay rise on payday No phone bills Free fuel Free interior rentals Discount card - 20% off in regular shops Toggle-able donator chat channel (/don) Increase interior slots Extra character slot Username rename permit Assets transfer from a character to an alternative New radio station that is aired globally on all cars radio & ghettoblasters Instant 15 hours played Cellphone private number A pair of keyless digital door locks for one interior Custom interior for your interior Unique character selection screen (Grove St) Unique character selection screen (Star Tower) Unique character selection screen (Mount Chiliad) Customized country flags typing icon Instantly learn language Toggle-able purple nametag Game Coins Transfer Increase vehicle slots Phone with custom number (5 digits min, no different digits constraint) Phone with custom number (6 digits min, must contains 2 different digits) Instant driver's licenses & fishing permit Vehicle inactivity protection Interior inactivity protection Offline private message No interior taxes No vehicle taxes Additional serial number in whitelist Toggle-able incoming private message Personalized vehicle license plate ATM Card - Premium, can be used to make transactions with a fair amount per day. (($50,000 per 5 hours)) ATM Card - Ultimate, can be used to make transactions with an unlimited amount per day. What's included in the VIP subscription system? It's pretty simple, all items listed above are included, however, all of them may not be available to every subscription level but most of them are. Those premium features such as phones, assets transfers and so on are issues as for example 3x assets transfer per month and so on so that way it can't be abused. The old system, each item you purchase in-game expires after a certain period or it costs once per usage. We want to hear your thoughts, what you think about it, if you have any ideas what to add to it or what can be changed. Let us know, give us your vote! NOTE: don't just say we can remove the system, or no, no and no, remember the server isn't free, it costs money monthly to keep it up and anti-DDoS protection systems and shit since the MTA community is so immature. In some way we as the players needs to help out and cover those server expenses as best as we can, money doesn't grow on trees and it's a touchy subject that no one wants to talk about or admit that it exists. My thoughts
  8. By now you might've noticed that your account with this forum no longer exists, or you're having problems signing in with your old account. Thanks to this amazing forums instability during transfers, the entire forums we backed up no longer works. It sadly only returns a "500 Error" in which I've been trying to fix for almost 12 hours till I gave up. It claims it can't connect to the database even though I double checked it, added a manual PHP script to connect to it, it's still failing to do so. We've hit a setback which we didn't expect, the launch of our Multi Theft Auto server will be delayed yet again, the current reason is that I have to sit here and setup this forum so it's complete & working for the public, after that I have to re-do the API calls & reconfigure the server to work with all the new changes on this forum. Here is an overview of the transfer: network config / OS transfer (completed, no errors) web server, Plesk install (completed, no errors) backup transfers (completed) Forums transfer (Incomplete) Forums new install (completed, no errors) 11th MEU transfer (completed, no errors) Portal transfer (completed, no errors) game servers OS install / server transfer (completed, no errors) All servers are back online by now Thanks to the forums being incomplete we lost all data, meaning from here on out you need to signup to gain access to the forums.