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LS:RP Premium Features (Vote)

Whats your opinion about the premium system?  

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  1. 1. Should we keep the old premium system and revamp it a little bit?

  2. 2. Should we make it so that you can purchase in-game money for real money?

  3. 3. Should we make is so that you can purchase in-game vehicles, interiors, etc for real money?

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Here we go again with yet an other vote for the community. Currently, we've stated that we would rebuild our premium system on our server, adding a VIP system which is a monthly subscription system. Now my question what does the community think about it?

Should we keep and just revamp the current premium system, or should we add the VIP system which is a monthly subscription?


What's included in the current premium system?
The following items can be purchased in-game with the premium currency

  • Toggle-able adverts
  • Toggle-able news alerts
  • + $25 dollar pay rise on payday
  • + $75 dollar pay rise on payday
  • No phone bills
  • Free fuel
  • Free interior rentals
  • Discount card - 20% off in regular shops
  • Toggle-able donator chat channel (/don)
  • Increase interior slots
  • Extra character slot
  • Username rename permit
  • Assets transfer from a character to an alternative
  • New radio station that is aired globally on all cars radio & ghettoblasters
  • Instant 15 hours played
  • Cellphone private number
  • A pair of keyless digital door locks for one interior
  • Custom interior for your interior
  • Unique character selection screen (Grove St)
  • Unique character selection screen (Star Tower)
  • Unique character selection screen (Mount Chiliad)
  • Customized country flags typing icon
  • Instantly learn language
  • Toggle-able purple nametag
  • Game Coins Transfer
  • Increase vehicle slots
  • Phone with custom number (5 digits min, no different digits constraint)
  • Phone with custom number (6 digits min, must contains 2 different digits)
  • Instant driver's licenses & fishing permit
  • Vehicle inactivity protection
  • Interior inactivity protection
  • Offline private message
  • No interior taxes
  • No vehicle taxes
  • Additional serial number in whitelist
  • Toggle-able incoming private message
  • Personalized vehicle license plate
  • ATM Card - Premium, can be used to make transactions with a fair amount per day. (($50,000 per 5 hours))
  • ATM Card - Ultimate, can be used to make transactions with an unlimited amount per day.


What's included in the VIP subscription system?

It's pretty simple, all items listed above are included, however, all of them may not be available to every subscription level but most of them are. Those premium features such as phones, assets transfers and so on are issues as for example 3x assets transfer per month and so on so that way it can't be abused. The old system, each item you purchase in-game expires after a certain period or it costs once per usage.


We want to hear your thoughts, what you think about it, if you have any ideas what to add to it or what can be changed. Let us know, give us your vote!

NOTE: don't just say we can remove the system, or no, no and no, remember the server isn't free, it costs money monthly to keep it up and anti-DDoS protection systems and shit since the MTA community is so immature. In some way we as the players needs to help out and cover those server expenses as best as we can, money doesn't grow on trees and it's a touchy subject that no one wants to talk about or admit that it exists.


My thoughts


Like I stated earlier, we provide the server for public meaning it's completely free to play there, however, people don't think about how much money we have to spend monthly to keep the servers online. Anti-DDoS protections and so on since every kid on MTA DDoS the server if they don't get what they want.

To be honest, my thoughts are to keep the old premium system, it's easy to edit and improve, all we have to do is rebuild it and add new features to it. Related to adding purchase able money, vehicles, interiors, etc. That's something I'm a bit 50/50 on, I hate "pay to win" however, I don't really care about it as I don't see it as pay to win, if you want to spend 10$ to get some money in-game good for you, I guess your just one of those types who don't like to be grinding for a month to afford that nice car you've been looking at.

Even I as a developer and as a manager puts in what I can, if I have 5$ laying around I'm throwing it in here and so on, as I'm aware of how much it costs monthly to run the server. It's all for free so why shouldn't I help out, even though I work daily to keep the community up and script for the server, all so that you guys and I can have a better experience and more fun on the server and yet I don't charge anything.

Like I told oExtremeGamer earlier, for all I care if we had enough players I wouldn't even care if we charged 5$ a month to play on the server, adding 15 players on that the server expenses would've been covered for the rest of the month. Sure I know we're a small community and everyone can't help out, but all I and the upper command is asking for is that you try, don't think about the money as being to small or two big, no matter how big or how small the donation / purchase is, it's always helpful. Look at me for example, every day I script for the server I wake up at 3pm, go to the store, spend 20$ on energy drinks, cigarettes, coca cola and food so that it can last for the day. That way I can continue coding, I'm always in top shape. After that I go home, sit my ass at the computer and I start scripting till 6am, thats a 15 hours that I work, I then go to bed, and do it all over again the day after all so that you guys can enjoy and have fun on the server.

Have I ever asked anyone of you for that money, or time back? No, I work for free, I don't bitch, and I have fun, and yet I 120$ a month before for the server to stay online. But yea. All I'm saying is, we all need to help out, I don't pay for the server fees anymore since I gave away the community to a friend of mine, meaning even I will help out as best as I can.

So lets make a short overview of this, in some what we need to be able to compensate the server costs, it's not an option to remove the premium features from the server, it's a question how can we improve it, make it better then it is and how can we make it so that you as a player are more likely to help out with the server costs. We want to give back for everyone that helps out with the costs meaning a premium system.

I hope you understand what I'm talking about, it's not a question about removing the system, it's a question about improving it and making it so that people feel like it's worth helping out with the expenses.


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