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By now you might've noticed that your account with this forum no longer exists, or you're having problems signing in with your old account. Thanks to this amazing forums instability during transfers, the entire forums we backed up no longer works. It sadly only returns a "500 Error" in which I've been trying to fix for almost 12 hours till I gave up. It claims it can't connect to the database even though I double checked it, added a manual PHP script to connect to it, it's still failing to do so.

We've hit a setback which we didn't expect, the launch of our Multi Theft Auto server will be delayed yet again, the current reason is that I have to sit here and setup this forum so it's complete & working for the public, after that I have to re-do the API calls & reconfigure the server to work with all the new changes on this forum.

Here is an overview of the transfer:

  • network config / OS transfer (completed, no errors)
  • web server, Plesk install (completed, no errors)
  • backup transfers (completed)
    • Forums transfer (Incomplete)
      • Forums new install (completed, no errors)
    • 11th MEU transfer (completed, no errors)
    • Portal transfer (completed, no errors)
  • game servers OS install / server transfer (completed, no errors)
    • All servers are back online by now

Thanks to the forums being incomplete we lost all data, meaning from here on out you need to signup to gain access to the forums.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.