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  3. ETS2MP Trolls

    You know, just a normal day when everyone on Everest decides to go into Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer...
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    Original vs edited one
  7. Sorry for the slow updates, been taking the weekend off the development progress. The main reason it's taking me somewhat longer time than the rest of the pages is because I'm currently working on the profile page and it's linked to so many different datatables and fetching data all over the database, I mean that was a bit overkill but yea it reads and grabs so much data so for me make a fast enough load time without loosing data and executing to many queries I've been sitting here day in and day out from Monday pretty much optimizing the page load and queries. Don't worry it's not taking for ever to load the data, it's surprisingly faster than I expected, you can see the results here:!/VCeqD/ Now after I optimized all the queries I've been setting up the award system, mainly the awards themselves. Currently we have 13 awards on the panel, each award contains a ribbon and a couple of them contains an actual medal. Once you've received an award you will be able to mark that award as a favorite one in which it will be displayed on your user profile just under your profile picture. By default the server will assign the first 6 awards given to you as favorites, however, you can remove them if you want manually. Here is a list of the awards, please note that these awards is not the final product, I just set them up in a json format and decoded them to see how the output for the data actually looked like, the list showed in the page will be a list for admins to see all the awards available on the website, the awards given to you as a player will be displayed on your profile page and not like it is right now.
  8. Website released: -------------------------------------------------- I was recently approached about opening the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit again, but I'm not sure as the interest seems to be floating up and down, anyway since I've been so bored lately I somehow ended up re-doing the entire website for the clan and I'm currently about half way done with it. Let me know what you think about it. You can click on the images to enhance them, otherwise you can see my full album here: Current Development Tracker all data being tracker here is updated every 24 hours, please note that data can be added or removed along the process
  9. When you're to drunk

    Man I did the exact same especially in the titanic part about rose not letting jack up on the door
  10. When you're to drunk

    Omg I laughed my ass off when I watched that episode yesterday Thats soooooooo me
  11. When you're to drunk

    The ending though
  12. Hello everyone, after a long period, we've finally got everything working, the long-awaited period for the server to have been caused by lack of founds. The main reason for that is because of all premium add-ons that we needed in-game for the server to function properly. However, we've finally got everything needed for the server to work properly and we've tested the server for weeks while tweaked as much as possible to make it even better. Anyhow, today we're ready to open the server to the public. Today 10/27/2017 at 5:00 PM GMT+1 we are opening the server to the public, we hope to see you all there as much as we hope to see new faces around the community.
  13. How to Install G-Speak

    Full document source: Google Document
  14. SantosRP Server Rules

    Full document source: Google Document
  15. Garry's Mod - Project Leader Announced!

    Thank you Ben, It'll be my pleasure working and playing with all of you guys.
  16. Hello everyone, Yesterday I spoke to @Cyberdog about the Garry's Mod server, as of right now we've managed to get hold of an Project Leader for the server. Some of you may already know him, some may not. Welcome @Fedoramaster™ & congratulations to the role. If you have any questions for him, send him a PM or make a reply to this topic and he'll do his best answering those question. Future more, everything so far is going to plan. @Cyberdog just purchased the last premium addons needed for the server. These addons should be the last in order to get the server up and running.
  17. I will try to find a experianced PL for Gmod. If not I will take the role of a temporary PL until a suitable is found.
  18. Hello everyone, First, of I'd like to start by apologizing for being inactive and not keeping all of you updated. So what's been going on, why this big inactivity you may ask. Simply I 123B3n had to take a leave of absence due to personal reasons. I am still not back to a 100% however, I'm here as much as I can which would probably be around 75% of my usual schedule. * Here is a quick overview of what's going on. What happened to the Los Santos: Roleplay Server (MTA) Garry's Mod server launch What's planned for the future?
  19. Americans' showoff gone wrong

    Hummer down the drain canals.. literally.
  20. Testing the pc at work on everest

    Had some free time so decided to install gta sa and mta and log on everest and test it out this is how it turned out
  21. Testing the pc at work on everest

    Had some free time so decided to install gta sa and mta and log on everest and test it out this is how it turned out
  22. Point System (Punishment)

    Punishment We are introducing a new way of punishing players who have broken the rules. Gone are warnings, jails, and traditional bans. We've replaced all of that with a point system, much like any modern demerit point system for driver license holders. When a rule is broken, depending on the severity, it will result in an equating number of points. Every two points result in a corresponding ban length. Repeat offenses have their ban length doubled. Administrators will be giving out verbal warnings more frequently before issuing points which would result in a ban, especially to new players. Two points are removed from your record every forty-five days, resulting in a total of 16 points being removed from your record every year. Currently, there is a maximum of twenty points. Once twenty points are reached, a permanent ban is issued. For example, if Claude Jones powergames by punching a player, not giving them the chance to respond, an administrator may issue two points for such a minor case. This will result in a one hour ban. If a day later, Claude Jones comes back and does the same thing, they are then issued two more points and it is a repeat offense. They now have four points on their record and it doubles the default two point ban length for the new punishment, resulting in a two-day ban. Additionally, keep in mind that administrators may not punish you immediately to prevent the ban from taking effect from the points so the scene may finish. In the example above, an admin would force Claude Jones to RP fairly, wait until the scene is over, then issue the punishment, to prevent sudden disappearing or voiding of a scene needlessly. Also, note that having history removed from your record reduces your active points. Currently, there is no way for a player to view their active points on record, but we plan to change this based on feedback from the community. Number of Active Points Length of Punishment 2 1 Hour Ban 4 6 Hour Ban 6 12 Hour Ban 8 1 Day Ban 10 2 Day Ban 12 3 Day Ban 14 4 Day Ban 16 5 Day Ban 18 6 Day Ban 20 Permanent ban Rule Broken Points Issued (Range Based on Situation) General Non-RP 2-4 Metagaming 2-6 Powergaming 2-6 Failure to RP/Logging 2-6 Deathmatching 2-8 Revenge Killing 2-8 Hacking 20 Bug Abuse 2-20 OOC Insults 2-4 Lying to Administrators 2-4 Mixing OOC and IC 2 Failure to Obey Admins 2-6 Trolling 2-6 Alt - Alt 20
  23. Server Rules

    1. Civility 2. Chat 3. Deathmatch 4. Metagaming 5. Powergaming 6. Always Role play Realistically 7. Hacking, Cheating, Bug abusing, and exploits. 8. Abusing GTA:SA physics 9. /me, /do, and /ame 10. Interaction with Admins 11. Green zones 12. Robbery, Scams, Theft, and Extortion 13. Advertising, avoiding punishment, and proxies. 14. Money Transferring/Farming, Account Exchange, and profiting from goods 15. Explicit Role play 16. Away from Keyboard 17. Non-RP Names 18. Rule-breakers 19. Role play Standards 20. Gambling / Bet Limitations 21. Vehicle Theft / Property Break Ins 22. Fake 911 Calls / Provoking Police 23. Voice Usage
  24. Hey guys. I was working on a tekkit server but there seems to be issues with the modpack I was intending to use. So if you guys have any suggestions for modpacks feel free to post it here.
  25. 123B3n's IRL Albums

    In this album, I'll be adding pictures from my life, it can be vacation photos, any photos I'd like to share with the community.
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