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      Everest is coming to a stop, it's sad to say it's dead and for some reason will stay so as it seems that people don't give it a second chance. Everest has had a wonderful 11 years run now and I can myself say that I've learned many new things, met new friends which then became real-life friends and so much more. With a tear in my eye, it's finally time to let it go for the very last time. Even though we're letting it go don't get us wrong we aren't leaving the gaming business, we got big plans ahead of us and we are jumping over to the eSport business instead. This is one of the main reasons we're writing this post to begin with as we do need your help picking a name and we want your input and ideas on the take. Below you can find the introduction written by me including future plans for it. Your input is crucial, suggestions, ideas as well as we need your help picking a name. Even if you guys don't decide to help us we will go with what we got and Everest will be closed down at the end of March whilst the new community will be opening.



      We are still discussing the plans for the new community, but I can give you guys a rundown of what it is going to be, how it will work and so on even though the plans may change in the future.

      The new community will switch from trying to populate by using game servers and such, we'll still use a voice server such as Discord or Teamspeak which will be the global voice services. The community will be entering the eSport community by opening its hands to Teams/Clans in which we'll provide game servers for training etc, we'll also be looking for sponsors in which if we get enough sponsors to cover everything we do price wise we'll start hosting tournaments with prizes for each team, teams can be created globally meaning you as a community member can create one or even join one for that matter, one created it's up to the team leader to maintain his or her team, even without prizes we will still host tournaments against other teams/clans and such, teams can be created for pretty much any game as long as it's a competative eSport, for example creating a team for my ArmA 3 clan would be pointless as it's all against AI's etc. Our Community will also live steam its events on twitch, please that already have twitch will be able to have their channels live on our website. Now when I write all of this it feels somewhat stressed written so I'll clear all this up later this week when I've had my meeting with @Cyberdog in which we'll be discussing a complete plan and everything that needs to be done to open this community.


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